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Bakin' In Texas
« on: December 20, 2006, 06:16:30 AM »

I just thought I'd show off this site I use with my math and algebra classes. The site has between 35 and 40 visible pages, and there are several other pages that aren't visible at the moment.

WB allows me to add or move pages easily, and the calendar module works great for daily assignments. The main page has a news section which allows me to easily add updates when I need to. Having a choice of styles allows me to eliminate the left menu column when the page text area has to be full width. The bulletin board is from PUNBB and sits in a wrapper.

Thanks to all the Baker staff for a great program!

Don Simmons
Sugar Land, Texas

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Re: Bakin' In Texas
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great implementation....  very clean looking....

I'm sure this helps your students get RIGHT where they need quick..