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Language Files for WB 2.8.2 wanted!
« on: December 29, 2010, 07:56:53 PM »
First of all - WebsiteBaker 2.8.2 has not many new language strings. But it would be nice to update our language files.

I reviewed the Spanish language file and discovered there are quite much untranslated strings - it seems not to be updated since 2.6.x. Other language files also don't seem to be updated - I just list here all I think that miss in many files:
$MENU['BREADCRUMB'] = 'You are here: ';
$TEXT['ALLOWED_FILETYPES_O N_UPLOAD'] = 'Allowed filetypes on upload';
$TEXT['CAN_DELETE_HIMSELF'] = 'Can delete himself';
$TEXT['DELETE_DATE'] = 'Delete date';
$TEXT['DELETE_ZIP'] = 'Delete zip archive after unpacking';
$TEXT['HEADING_CSS_FILE'] = 'Actual module file: ';
$TEXT['HOME_FOLDER'] = 'Personal Folder';
$TEXT['HOME_FOLDERS'] = 'Personal Folders';
$TEXT['INSTALLED'] = 'installed';
$TEXT['INVALID_SIGNS'] = 'must begin with a letter or has invalid signs';
$TEXT['MAX_EXCERPT'] = 'Max lines of excerpt';
$TEXT['NO_IMAGE_SELECTED'] = 'no image selected';
$TEXT['PAGES_PERMISSION'] = 'Pages Permission';
$TEXT['PAGES_PERMISSIONS'] = 'Pages Permissions';
$TEXT['PAGE_ICON'] = 'Page Image';
$TEXT['PLEASE_LOGIN'] = 'Please login';
$TEXT['PUBL_END_DATE'] = 'End date';
$TEXT['PUBL_START_DATE'] = 'Start date';
$TEXT['SEC_ANCHOR'] = 'Section-Anchor text';
$TEXT['TEXTAREA'] = 'Textarea';
$TEXT['TXT_EDIT_CSS_FILE'] = 'Edit the CSS definitions in the textarea below.';
$TEXT['UNZIP_FILE'] = 'Upload and unpack a zip archive';
$TEXT['USERS_ACTIVE'] = 'User is set active';   
$TEXT['USERS_CAN_SELFDELET E'] = 'User can delete himself';   
$TEXT['USERS_CHANGE_SETTIN GS'] = 'User can change his own settings';
$TEXT['USERS_DELETED'] = 'User is marked as deleted';
$TEXT['USERS_FLAGS'] = 'User-Flags';   
$TEXT['USERS_PROFILE_ALLOW ED'] = 'User can create extended profile';
$TEXT['WBMAILER_DEFAULT_SE TTINGS_NOTICE'] = 'Please specify a default "FROM" address and "SENDER" name below. It is recommended to use a FROM address like: <strong></strong>. Some mail provider (e.g. <em></em>) may reject mails with a FROM: address like <em></em> sent via a foreign relay to avoid spam.<br /><br />The default values are only used if no other values are specified by WebsiteBaker. If your server supports <acronym title="Simple mail transfer protocol">SMTP</acronym>, you may want use this option for outgoing mails.';
$TEXT['WBMAILER_FUNCTION'] = 'Mail Routine';
$HEADING['ADDON_PRECHECK_FAIL ED'] = 'Add-On requirements not met';
$HEADING['ADD_CHILD_PAGE'] = 'Add child page';
$HEADING['MODIFY_GROUPS'] = 'Modify Groups';
$MESSAGE['ADDON_ERROR_RELOAD'] = 'Error while updating the Add-On information.';
$MESSAGE['ADDON_LANGUAGES_REL OADED'] = 'Languages reloaded successfully';
$MESSAGE['ADDON_MANUAL_FTP_LA NGUAGE'] = '<strong>ATTENTION!</strong> For safety reasons uploading languages files in the folder/languages/ only by FTP and use the Upgrade function for registering or updating.';
$MESSAGE['ADDON_MANUAL_FTP_WA RNING'] = 'Warning: Existing module database entries will get lost. ';
$MESSAGE['ADDON_MANUAL_INSTAL LATION'] = 'When modules are uploaded via FTP (not recommended), the module installation functions <tt>install</tt>, <tt>upgrade</tt> or <tt>uninstall</tt> will not be executed automatically. Those modules may not work correct or do not uninstall properly.<br /><br />You can execute the module functions manually for modules uploaded via FTP below.';
$MESSAGE['ADDON_MANUAL_INSTAL LATION_WARNING'] = 'Warning: Existing module database entries will get lost. Only use this option if you experience problems with modules uploaded via FTP.';
$MESSAGE['ADDON_MANUAL_RELOAD _WARNING'] = 'Warning: Existing module database entries will get lost. ';
$MESSAGE['ADDON_MODULES_RELOA DED'] = 'Modules reloaded successfully';   
$MESSAGE['ADDON_OVERWRITE_NEW ER_FILES'] = 'Overwrite newer Files';
$MESSAGE['ADDON_PRECHECK_FAIL ED'] = 'Add-on installation failed. Your system does not fulfill the requirements of this Add-on. To make this Add-on working on your system, please fix the issues summarized below.';   
$MESSAGE['ADDON_RELOAD'] = 'Update database with information from Add-on files (e.g. after FTP upload).';
$MESSAGE['ADDON_TEMPLATES_REL OADED'] = 'Templates reloaded successfully';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC_BE_PATIENT'] = 'Please be patient.';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC_COMPARE'] = ' successfully';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC_IN_USE'] = ' but used in ';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC_MODULE_VERS ION_ERROR'] = 'The module is not installed properly!';   
$MESSAGE['GENERIC_NOT_COMPARE'] = ' not possibly';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC_VERSION_COM PARE'] = 'Version comparison';
$MESSAGE['GENERIC_VERSION_GT'] = 'Upgrade necessary!';   
$MESSAGE['GENERIC_VERSION_LT'] = 'Downgrade';   
$MESSAGE['GENERIC_WEBSITE_LOC KED'] = 'this site is temporarily down for maintenance';$MESSAGE['PREFERENCES_INVALID _CHARS'] = 'Invalid password chars used';
$MESSAGE['RECORD_MODIFIED_FAI LED'] = 'The change of the record has missed.';
$MESSAGE['RECORD_MODIFIED_SAV ED'] = 'The changed record was updated successfully.';
$MESSAGE['RECORD_NEW_FAILED'] = 'Adding a new record has missed.';
$MESSAGE['RECORD_NEW_SAVED'] = 'New record was added successfully.';
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$MESSAGE['SIGNUP2_SUBJECT_LOG IN_INFO'] = 'Your login details...';
$OVERVIEW['ADMINTOOLS'] = 'Access the WebsiteBaker administration tools...';

How can I update my language file?

In 2.8.2 RC3 the format of all language file has been changed!

Please update only language files based on the RC3 ones!

Hint: It could be easier to look through the whole CMS first. But of course not all language strings are displayed there - some contain error messages.

1.) Download the latest 2.8.2 RC from here:
2.) Have a look at the language files.
3.) Follow the language standard from
We know WebsiteBaker is international. But there are many languages out there WebsiteBaker doesn't speak - yet. Until you write this language. For the CMS itself, or for any module you like.

Please use an editor that supports encoding - the standard Notepad / Wordpad does not support encodings! We suggest the free editors Notepad++ or PSPad.

Charset: UTF-8 without BOM (Byte Order Mark)
Special Characters HTML Encoded (ä,ö, û, ...)

4.)You don't have to fill out the form - better place the language file directly in this thread (please zip it) or open a new issue like Eugine has done here:

Thanks very much - the international users will thank you!
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