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WB-2.11.0 - Fix published
« on: March 01, 2018, 11:50:46 PM »
Since the release of WebsiteBaker version 2.11.0 we have put a lot of time and energy into repairing small things that were not reported at the time of release or were not known before. We have summarized these repairs in a fix that was published today.

Important: This patch will work only on WB-2.11.0 !!!
Never use it on other WB versions !!

The most important points in the fix:

  • Fix install problem with different file formats (Unix/Mac/ Windows)
  • WbLingual - old predecessor version will be removed during upgrade, Reload PageCode will be repaired
  • HttpRequester - add alternate quickfix, if $aServer['REQUEST_METHOD'] not avaiable
  • Multilingualism - &lang parameter removed (thanks to Ruud)
  • add Paragonie for secure checks for transmitted values
  • Character control for all password and mailboxes adjusted
  • remove some css-classes in form module
  • menu-link: allowed redirect to hidden pages
  • rebuildAccessFiles - bug fix delete folder and files

You can download this fix as small ZIP-File (104 kB) as
Note that it contains only the core files!

Or you download the full package from our Add-on Repository as or as WB-2.11.0.gz or also in Wiki Download

How to install the patch:
  • unzip the patch and move it to your webspace by FTP
  • login into backend as superadmin (User-ID = 1)
  • run upgrade-script.php - see link in the Info-Window
  • set Version nr to 78  (WebsiteBaker-Version: 2.11.0 -r78)
   that's all......

Have fun with WebsiteBaker 2.11.0
The WebsiteBaker team

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