Author Topic: Problems with Template Orange Sunset - need help to change a bit  (Read 2004 times)


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First of all I want to excuse myself for opening two threads on the same topic ( but I guess Ill reach a wider range of ppl with that and its pretty important for me  :-). 2nd excuse me for my english, I do my best ;-)

So here we go:

Im just developing a tiny homepage for our marriage (thats why its important ;-)) and want to use Template Orange Sunset. Now I got some problems: (WB 2.7 running)

I got to many menu entries resulting in a two row menu which is ugly I think. Is there any possibility to recode the template that the (broad enough) grey line containing the menu items is not doubled if I enter more entries but is horizontally divided so that there are always two entries below each other.

The right column is without any function. If I enter a "News" field it is shown below the main page text, if I classify it as "NEWS" in the site menu it totally disappears. I did not find any function at all to enter a news page the right side column shows. (it works with other templates)

the bottom line containing the informations like copyright, year, email addy and so on. Can it by any chance be changed by the use of a page or do I have to edit it directly into the template files? (other templates at least take the email adress and the author information there automatically)

Please take a look at the galleries. With any other template the navigation arrows are shown slightly transparent at the sides. With that template I dont see any at all  :?

last big wish: I would like to use two templates for the page: one (the original orange sunset if it works) for the "text pages" and one looking the same but w/o the right side column for news and infos for the gallery pages. Is there anyone out there who cn change that template for me?

Any help is welcome, I am a total noob and not able to code anything. So if you have a step by step guidance for me that would be great. Or if anyone would like to change it directly for me a lil tip is granted for sure.

Thanks everyone!