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content blocks help
« on: November 21, 2007, 09:25:59 AM »
I made a 3 column template & I added content blocks for the left site, center content & right side.
like this

<?php page_content(1); ?> (for center content)
<?php page_content(2); ?> (for left side content)
<?php page_content(3); ?> (for right side content)

in the info.php file I added the following
// definitions for multiple blocks (required if more than one block is used)
$block[1]   = 'Main content';
$block[2]   = 'News';
$block[3]   = 'Right';
$block[4]   = 'Links';
$block[5]   = 'News';
$block[6]   = 'Footer';

when i added a new page, the text I added shows up in block1
for my center content

but when I create a page for my left column and add text nothing shows up.
I enabled manage sections & section blocks but nothing shows up.

Any suggestions as to what I did wrong?

also how would you create a folder to keep my files for say the left & right side?

Thank You

p.s heres the page i am trying to make

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Re: content blocks help
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