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Personal Website:
« on: April 10, 2005, 10:34:46 AM »
Hi all.  I've been installing various CMS's and blog tools lately, but I'm happy to say that WebsiteBaker is by far the best.

Others are far too bloated, or needlessly complicated, or don' produce the right kind of output.

WB is geared exactly towards what I want.  Sure, it leaves a little to be desired (especially with the news module - maybe better categorisation?), but you can't have it all.

I've uploaded, configured, and started publishing content.

I'm not sure what direction the site is going in, but it is just a personal site, after all.  And it's always going to be "under construction", with me adding new pages, modules, and content.

What do you guys think?

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Personal Website:
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Looks good Scott, welcome aboard. :)


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Personal Website:
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Nice site....

and yes welcome aboard


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Personal Website:
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Argh Matey, Its good to see you gots yer sea legs about yerself. Welcome abord the mighty baker!! (Say it in your head w/ a pirate accent.)