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Basic Functionality question
« on: June 04, 2007, 10:46:52 PM »
Hello there, I have been investigating CMSs for some while now (too long) - I find an option, become seduced by the features advertised, but also confused as everyone uses different terms and learn how to install it. Then I find issues.
I have been reading your pages and am impressed by the look and feel but can't yet ascertain if your system has the functionality I need. which is:

1. A dynamic CMS (obviously)

2. Ability to have articles, blogs, discussions etc all under the same logical tagging system (categories or whatever) so that a user could come to the site and see (or select) only the topics or sub topics that interest them.

3. Also for some 'smart' folder or tag system - so that if a new topic were added in any place it would appear in a menu automatically?

4. I read the part on 'sections' and it sounds very flexible, yet I noticed most of the templates have only one or two columns - Is there a restriction on say 4 column templates?

Many Thanks, Zaph

I just want to know if WebsiteBaker covers this functionality before jumping in!

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Re: Basic Functionality question
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2007, 11:53:49 PM »
Hi Zaphman,

it is always wise to have a look around before actually starting into things. For your requirements, it looks to me as if you are rather looking for a blogging system than a CMS (Content Management System), at least your feature focus suggests this.

1) Definatly, WB can do that :-)

2) The standard news module allows for that (categories) and is capable of beeing used multiple times in 1 installation

3) The pages in WB are build on that kind of structure. You add a page, automaticaly the menu gets this data from the DB and displays the link in the menu (depending on the visibility settings of that page)

4) Section are always displayed in 1 content block. What you mean are the different content blocks that you can define and use. Theoretically there is no limit in numbers of blocks (or columns) than dictated by the usability ...

Have a quick go at the System (1 page Installer) and then decide. That's what I did. There is a demo available at which might help you deciding.




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Re: Basic Functionality question
« Reply #2 on: June 05, 2007, 01:42:07 AM »
Thanks for the pointers. A blogging tool won't do - for example Wordpress doesn't allow for categorizing static page content, nor for multiple threads (there is a multi-blog thing that is not working right).

I'll give your stuff a shot. Currently I have Xoops and Joomla primed (installed and ready to go) but they both seem over-complex and possibly splintering.