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First baker site - (WB+CSS fun)
« on: May 19, 2007, 04:38:38 AM »
I just upgraded a local organization's website to WebsiteBaker, and it seriously rocks!  I have finally found a CMS that anyone can use, and that can actually make a real website!  After all these years of trying to make my own, WebsiteBaker blows me away with it's perfect mix of easiness and capability.  Wow.  Kudos to all the developers - you guys are awesome.

'Course, the fun part of upgrading was getting to completely redesign the site.  I hope you like it:

It came a long way -

I really need to thank a lot of people, though - first, all the WB developers for being so brilliant, and especially Ryan Djurovich; this site was adapted from his "allcss" example theme.  It uses show_menu2, javascript by PPK, and a background gradient modified from one of Andreas Viklund's  sweet themes (1024px).  (Check the source or site info for the thank-yous.)  And, it finally validates... or rather, finally looks normal in IE (the hard part.)  Phew!

Anyway, thanks to everyone here!  It was fun to make, which is largely credit to WB's awesomeness.  I'll make a generic version of the theme when I have time for the addons section, but feel free to copy everything (except the logo!) and go nuts with it.

Have a nice day!   :-)  Any suggestions would be awesome.

+ I had a bit of fun with the login/logout box.  WebsiteBaker is crazy well-designed - it sure makes my life easier!
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