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WB becoming difficult to use
« on: November 10, 2022, 01:37:10 PM »
I started using WB over 10 years ago when I was actively working as a web designer. I found it relatively easy and straight-forward to use. I used a number of additional modules over the years, both for their original purpose and with modifications to use for different pages. I stopped designing websites about 5 years ago but some of the sites I have continued to maintain.

I have recently been updating one of these sites and have updated WB to the latest version, v2.13.1. Many of the additional modules unfortunately have not been updated for some years. I have updated a couple, e.g. MPForm and Topics, to the latest versions listed but have found that it appears that they no longer function in the same way that they did. I have been in contact with the developers to try to address some difficulties. I think some of the problems might relate to the updating of WB no longer supporting all pre-existing modules.

I have searched the forum for information and posted requests for assistance. Replies have been useful but usually directing to developers for updating help and possible solutions. The forum is less used than previously so getting responses becomes time consuming. It does not help that I don't speak German.

I now think that I should stop trying to update my websites. It would be too time consuming to convert to another CMS, and trying to adapt modules to work is difficult. Sadly I would not recommend anyone to use WB as I don't think it is as functional as it used to be.

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Re: WB becoming difficult to use
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2022, 09:11:51 PM »
I disagree. The code must be changed to follow php/mysql upgrades and also new coding standards. Addons works same way as they did 10+ years ago.

But I agree that there should be an example Hello world module with some coding documentation for modules/tools/snippets/templates/themes
Me personaly needed to look for other core modules to see how things works now.
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