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Hi again.

I am working with the Fruesteg template which looks very nice. I was asked if it is possible to have a different banner on each page. Can someone suggest best - and easiest hopefully- solution for me? I don't have enough knowledge for advanced coding or modify the template too much. Maybe a way to use php to do something to see if there is a custom header image assigned somehow to the page and use that and if not just show the default header image. Or perhaps a module I could use to assign a header image of same width as current to each page and just comment out the current one?

Your suggestions appreciated.


you can use Page_id for this

--- Code: ---switch (PAGE_ID) {
    case 1:
case 2:
        echo "HEADER ONE";
    case 3:
        echo "HEADER 2";
    case 4:
        echo "HEADER 3";
       echo "DEFAULT HEADER";

--- End code ---

I just found Dev4Me addon SmartImage and that is perfect - but thank you. It has been so long since I used WB and the page_id with a case statement is bound to come in handy.


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