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Amazed by the inconvient way this forum is categorized


It has been quite a while since I've been here.

When I came back here I was quite amazed of how this all is categorized now and 99% seems locked. Maybe I am doing something wrong but this is quite a struggle in finding information.

Is there a good reason everything is categorized by wb version and they all got a modules subcategory?

I think it is stunning to see such a great cms with such a mediacre website and such a user-unfriendly forum

Nice to welcome you back here.

The problem is always,
what one person calls a great system
is chaos for the other.

The search should lead you quickly to your goal
I use DeepL to write with you, so sorry for mistakes.

Thank you for your answer, after some years of wandering on my own the recent version-update brought me back and I just had to ventilate my feelings as I scrolled through the pile of 'chaos'.

I do not search for much as I mostly write my own needs but these coming weeks I will plough through the forum.

Yes, from 2013 to today, "a lot of water has run down the Rhine" as we say here in the Rhineland.
Then have fun browsing the forum.


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