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I am gaving difficulties with 2 sites made with WB which I am moving from one server to another. I restored the DB and homedir, created again the username with the same password but I am getting the following errors:

On site 1:
Call to undefined function mysqli_connect() in line (63) of (/framework/class.database.php)

On site #2:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in /home/combateg/public_html/framework/class.database.php on line 59

Both sites are still on WB 2.8.3. At first I thought it was a problem of PHP 7, but the problem persists after I changed them to PHP 5.6.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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With a link to the page it will be easier to help
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With the search in the forum you get some results. One of this,22117.msg149095.html#msg149095
Quote from: DarkViper
It seems , thus whether the php-mysql client module is not installed.
That's way the function mysql_connect() can not be found.

Is it your own server?

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Yes, I used the search but it didn't show me anything. Thank you for the URL, I asked my host to install that module but they said it was already installed.

According to them, the site was down as it had some outdated code within it's .htaccess file referencing a 'suPHP_ConfigPath'.

They commented the code and the site is working again.