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Hello everyone.

I am having a strange problem with WB, as it only allows the user 'admin' to login. All other users get a 'Loginname or password incorrect' message.

The Forgot Password function does send a new password, but I get the same error.

How do I fix this? I saw another post talking about a similar problem but couldn't find the solution.

You could give more information, e.g. about the versions of PHP, WB and the hoster. What has changed? Did it work before?

Hello, sorry about that.

The login worked before, the problem started after we upgraded to WB 2.12.1 (from 2.8.3) about 2 months ago

The version of PHP is currently 7.2, but we tried previously with PHP 7.0. When using WB 2.8.3 we had PHP 5.6

The hoster is Surpass Hosting, this hasn't changed.

Die Login-Namen haben Sonderzeichen wieCan it be in the backend the top button "prevent user login" is not blue? Only superadmin can see this button.
Press the button a few times.
Be sure the other login names has no special chars.

 :-o :-o :-o :-o

OMG, it was that simple. Thank you so much DBS, I didn't know what that button did!!!


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