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Recipe structured data markup

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Using 2.12.1 and add-on like SocialBaker among others.

Question is how to add recipe structured data markup to some pages, not all.
The socialBaker markup is working (perfectly!) for all pages.

How can I make a markup in the <head> section that can be written on a per-page-basis. Is there an add-on that does that?

Hope to learn from you!

Settings > Advanced Options > Server Settings > Section-Anchor text:
Sec none
info.php =
 $block[1]             = 'MainContent';
 $block[2]             = 'HeaderContent';
 Template =
    <?php page_content(2); ?>

Wysiwyg or Code-Modul
Code =

--- Code: ---?>
wat you want
--- End code ---

Reg./MfG. Evaki
ps. If you operate with Code you need Code-Modul with Patch,31485.msg220249.html#msg220249

Good way from evaki.
A other way could be:
- index.php of the template
- between <head> and </head> something like this

--- Code: ---<?php if (PAGE_ID == 1) { ?>
    your HTML Code here ...
<?php } ?>
--- End code ---

1 = the page id of your wished page. page id's are displayed on the right side in page overview in backend.

Ahh, got it. Thank you for your help.

Small question:
at 1. the section-anchor text now says:  wb_
I can delete that safely and leave it blank?

I will get the patched code module, thanks!


@dbs: also possible, but for 25 recipes a bit of long code. But thanks for you input.

I prefer evaki's solution that can also be edited in the admin.


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