Author Topic: Old version (2.7) - most of the pages are blank (not loaded)  (Read 1471 times)

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Hello community,

It's me again, with another problem with very old version of WebsiteBaker. So I have a site, which was not touched (nothing was changed in it) for more than 7 years. Unfortunately, yesterday I found that most of the pages and admin area as well (but not all) did not open (they open blank page), but also there is no errors in the console (dev tools of the browser). Php version is 5.6.
Url is:

Also, I don't have a backup, so I can't try to restore from such. As I'm not a developer, I have no idea how to find where is the problem.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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Re: Old version (2.7) - most of the pages are blank (not loaded)
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Beim letztem Mal hatte ich dir ein komplettes Upgrade deiner Seite zur Verfügung gestellt, inklusive reparierter Module und repariertem Template. Und das innerhalb von einer Stunde nach Zusendung des Backups, weil es ja so eilig war. Ich habe dafür weder eine Rückantwort, noch ein Dankeschön erhalten, weder in meinem Mailaccount, noch im Forum oder über andere Wege wie z.B. einem bulgarischem Partner. Heute sehe ich, das diese Seite nun mit Wordpress neu gebaut wurde, die Arbeit war also völlig umsonst.
Nenne mir ein paar Gründe, warum ich dieses Mal wieder helfen sollte...

engl Translation
Last time I had a complete upgrade of your site, including fixed modules and repaired template. And within an hour of sending the backup because it was in such a hurry. I have received neither a response nor a thank you, either in my mail account, in the forum or other ways such. a Bulgarian partner. Today, I see this page now that this page was rebuilt with Wordpress, so the work was completely free.
Give me a few reasons why I should help again this time ...
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Re: Old version (2.7) - most of the pages are blank (not loaded)
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how dissapointing.. you give your time someone for free and you get black hole
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