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Google sitemap.xml Generator not showing posts from 2.12 added news pages

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Not sure where to post this as the post for Google sitemap.xml Generator module is locked and there is no 2.12.1 section.

Anyway found that the existing pre-2.12.1 news posts were showing in the Google sitemap.xml Generator generated output but no posts showed up from a news section added on 2.12.1.

Not sure where this bug lies? News module or Google sitemap.xml Generator module?

Hope to have this sorted out as this does break SEO a bit.

If you are using this one:
It should work fine in wb2.12.1 (tested in fresh install)

That's the one I'm using but for some odd reason on the 2.10.x upgraded to 2.12.1 install its only listing news posts from the news section that existed before the upgrade none from the news section added post upgrade shown.

Edit: Tested on my clean install to 2.12.1 on local test server and it shows no news posts.

If you are talking about your own website (in your profile), I can see the last posts in the sitemap  8-)

That's the pre-upgrade news section that's working. The one that's not listing is the articles page which has 32 posts.  So if my math is correct there should more than 69 entrys on the site map (101 to be exact).


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