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Newsletter error


Hi there,

I got error when I try to subscribe to Newsletter. I use WB2.12 and Newsletter v.0.20, which jacobi22 sent me early. The error is:

--- Code: ---Error: An error occurred while sending an activation link to the email address rzaprianov(at)

Please contact support.
--- End code ---

The version of the module newsletter is attached to one message here where I got same problem about year and a half before, but I got to change the CMS then for clients reason and didn't dig more to fix it.

Any idea how to fix it?



problem is located - i need some minutes

problem is a own mailer inside of the class newsletter. i make's no sense for me, because, wb has a good working mail function

multiple lines in p on different places - search for if ($this->textOnly)


--- Code: ---if ($this->textOnly) {
        $result = $this->mail($this->fromEMail,$this->fromEMail,nl_subject_admin_send_link, sprintf(nl_mail_admin_send_link,$this->toEMail,$thisLink));  }
      else {
        $result = $wb->mail($this->fromEMail,$this->fromEMail,nl_subject_admin_send_link, sprintf(nl_mail_admin_send_link,$this->toEMail,$thisLink));  }
--- End code ---

change to

--- Code: ---$result = $wb->mail($this->fromEMail,$this->fromEMail,nl_subject_admin_send_link, sprintf(nl_mail_admin_send_link,$this->toEMail,$thisLink));
--- End code ---

@ Rumen: the mail is on the way  ;-)

one more...
if you get the message in frontend like

Invalid address: (setFrom) name(at)gmail(dot)com

you have the wrong droplet call



red = Name of the Droplet
green = Name of the Group in MassMail
blue = mailadress of the admin for the newsletter, use here @ and point instead of [at] and (dot) like the module description


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