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Showing prices in Searches



Is it possible to show prices from bakery items when making a search on the site? If so, how do I do that?

Thank you!

Hello, try that in modules/bakery/search.php
Line 48 add comma + price

--- Code: ---SELECT item_id, title, sku, definable_field_0, definable_field_1, definable_field_2, link, description, full_desc, modified_when, modified_by, price
--- End code ---

Line 103 if you want the price in the title

--- Code: ---'page_title' => $res['title'].' '.$res['price'].' €',
--- End code ---

Line 104 if you want the price as first in description

--- Code: ---'page_description' => $res['price'].' €<br />'.$res['description'],
--- End code ---

But maybe a more bakery pro has better ideas.

Hello dbs, thanks a lot, it worked perfectly!!!


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