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Menu for independent services and 3 languages

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--- Quote ---One question. Don't I need the laguage module?
--- End quote ---

the language Module brings the (automitic) Flag menu and builds the re-direct to the favorite page in other languages. So i think, it's the best solution, to work with it.

P.S. the MultiLingual-Module (or today WBLingual) is included in WB 2.11, no further action needed

Is there a difference between wb 2.11.0 RC and the final release that is coming today?


--- Quote ---Is there a difference between wb 2.11.0 RC and the final release that is coming today?
--- End quote ---

a lot of differents between RC 1 and RC2 and only some small differents between RC2 and the coming stable version, but no problem then, only overwriting your RC-Version with the coming stable to replace the changed files. there are no function- or databease changes , only some code corrections

I have tried the menu as you indicated in your previous post and the first menu is fine, but on the second menu I get the submenu items of all services. (It's a horizontal menu)

For example for the menu: STORE
The menu displays:
Welcome - Assortment - Ordering

o Cakes 1
o Cakes 2

o these are from the Cake subdirectory (only tried with two items STORE / CAKES)
I used this line for the second menu:

--- Code: ---<?php   echo show_menu2(1, SM2_ROOT+2, SM2_ALL, SM2_ALL|SM2_PRETTY,'<li><span class="menu-default">[ac][menu_title]</a></span>','</li>','<ul>','</ul>');  ?>
--- End code ---

It seems the menu is displaying ALL menu's form Root+2
I have correctly defined the language and the parents menu items as in your example.

any idea?


take a look in the readme   :wink:
i think, SM2_TRIM is the secret there. it disabled the display of all other pages

--- Quote ---<?php   echo show_menu2(1, SM2_ROOT+2, SM2_ALL, SM2_TRIM|SM2_PRETTY,'<li><span class="menu-default">[ac][menu_title]</a></span>','</li>','<ul>','</ul>');  ?>
--- End quote ---

if you have more trouble, please send me a mysql-backup from your pages-table to my mailadress


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