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WebsiteBaker 2.11.0 RC2 published
« on: February 09, 2018, 05:25:19 PM »
Dear WebsiteBaker Users,

Due to numerous feedback reports and the rather extensive associated changes, we decided to carry out another test phase with a WB 2.11.0 RC2

Please keep in mind: 2.11.0-RC2 is a release candidate only, not a final 2.11.0, and therefor should not be installed on a live production website.

You can download from our Add-on Repository as or as WB-2.11.0-RC2.gz

Test Environment
Tested under PHP 5.6.x, PHP 7.0.x, PHP 7.1.x, and also PHP 7.2.x, as many web hosts now offer PHP 7.2.x., which was released the end of November 2017.

In addition to the points mentioned in the launch notice for version WB 2.11.0 RC 1, there were also numerous changes in RC 2.

The most important points:
- Check digit (captcha): correction of output text, text color light / dark
- Media Upload: Protection against uploading unauthorized file types
- Form: Fix Submission-ID, captcha will be set automatically, if activated, but not present in the template
- Fixed language variables in various files
- Bugfix output filter help texts
- Group management: orphaned entries are deleted
- Installer: fix for error handling

New: possibility to choose the database charset (utf8 + utf8mb4) / default is utf8 (collation: utf8_unicode_ci).
A WB installation's database character set (table collation) can be changed after the installation, in either direction, by changing the DB_CHARSET in config.php before starting the upgrade-script.

We will wait now until 2018/02/20 and collect the results of your tests. In the case of success, we will publish WB 2.11.0 as a 'stable' version shortly thereafter.

Have fun with WebsiteBaker 2.11.0
The WebsiteBaker team