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Well if nobody else wants to show what they do with WB 2.10, I will :)
This new website for a large architectural firm is all about images. Large images, slideshows, lightboxes with enlarge-options... But also project data, lots of project data.  A customized OneForAll module is used for the project data, divided into several project categories, and a second OneForAll module is used for news. SLIR is used to resize images on-the-fly, depending on screensize. Built from scratch, no standard templates were used.
Website address:


Hi, looks nice.
I'm not sure but it seems your SLIR do not work on all images.
The startpage reloads every few seconds, is that correct?
Maybe sometimes the captures are hard to read.

I see 3 errors:
- a.indexOf is not a function
- missing } after function body
- $(...).stickUp is not a function

Apart from that the site is nice and generous.

SLIR works on all images here. Can you give me an example?

Page reload (homepage) is intentional. (Company's wish). If you look at the top, you'll see that the images are from different project types (homes, shops, schools etc) each time the page reloads. This reload only happens on the homepage.

I don't worry too much about javascript errors in scripts I didn't write myself as long as their merely "notices" without breaking the site. Would be much too time-consuming to repair all of those...
Thanks for the comments!

Mooi hoor!

Even volgen hoe dat zit met dat SLIR, nooit van gehoord.

Curious to know what's that all about SLIP, never heard of it.

I have wrong understand the SLIR. Tought it provide images in the visible size.
All good.


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