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How about updating the way we handle MEDIA?

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When people use a tool on a daily basis, they tend to forget about the 'weird' aspects of the tool, since they've learned to work around them.

We, as a community that builds websites based on WebsiteBaker, are no exception. While WB has evolved in many ways to be a very reliable and versatile CMS, some aspects of the CMS are outdated and surpassed by how the 'competition' does it.
Take for instance the way we have to handle MEDIA.

If a site-owner (our client!) wants to create a new page, or a news-item, we have to teach him to go into MEDIA first, then upload a picture, remember where that picture went, create the new page/news-item and only then he can add an image to the new page or article. Insane, IMHO.

What's even worse: some websitebuilders have a blind spot for what a site-owner can and can't do - or what he WANTS to do. We expect him to add that picture 'somewhere' in the text, know how to make it float left or right, know how to add classes to it etc etc. In my experience, site-owners don't want to do that, they don't know how to do it and they don't want to know how to do it. They expect the CMS to take care of things.
As they should!
It is OUR job to make that website behave so that the owner can edit/add content in the easiest way possible.
Now since OneForAll came along, I have been building websites around various adaptations of that module. Why? Because OFA allows me to 'pre-bake' things for my clients so all they have to do is fill out the form in the backend, literally DROP images they want to use and save the thing. The CMS (and OFA) does the rest. Wonderful!
And where pictures are involved, I even use SLIR in EVERY website now to make sure the pictures are shown in the right dimensions and aspect ratios, regardless what the site owner dropped in the backend. I love it. And more importantly: my clients love it.
Wouldn't it be GREAT to have a "drop your picture" module that can be used as a SECTION, alongside any WYSIWYG-section, so we can have "Featured images" for a page, just like WordPress has had for so long already? Isn't it possible to create a module around the PLUPLOAD-part of OFA, to act as a stand-alone module?
Because yes, I _love_ WB, most certainly in combination with OFA and all the snippets. I modify and juggle the modules around to make them do exactly what I want and I wouldn't want to switch CMS's ever. But there is room for improvement in that MEDIA-part of the site.
And that concludes my 0,02 for this Saturday :) Have a great day everyone!

sky writer:

You have mentioned SLIR before.  I'm interested in what this accomplishes exactly, how it presents itself in the admin, and how difficult it is to implement into WB.  I've gone to the github page, but it looks old (2105) and I simply don't understand it.  :?

I'll write a 'support' topic on SLIR soon. It's beyond the scope of WB so it should not be in this part of the forum ;) I'll let you know!

You can always use a dropzone container its easy to code. examples in attachment.


--- Quote from: crnogorac081 on June 05, 2017, 01:47:15 AM ---You can always use a dropzone container its easy to code. examples in attachment.

--- End quote ---
There are no examples in the attachment. Just two screenshots.
But what you show there is essentially what would be needed. A 'dropzone', allowing to drop one 'featured image' for the page. Resizing it on upload.
Template would take care of image placement etc.


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