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System Update
« on: May 10, 2017, 02:01:46 PM »
Next Friday, 2017/05/12, maintenance work will be carried out on our servers.
For this reason, the websites and also the forum of WebsiteBaker will go offline on Friday at 19:00 UTC.
The maintenance will be completed by Saturday morning at the latest.

Why so soon a new maintenance?
No, we currently have no problems with our servers.
But many visitors have problems with their browsers, if they want to log in the forum, for example.
Therefore, we decided to switch all webspaces to SSL encryption.

What does this mean for you?
Internal changes do not affect visitors.
As of Saturday, 2017/05/13 the pages of WebsiteBaker will be accessible only SSL encrypted.

If you call our pages with https:// in the future, you will see a nice green padlock in the address line.
Your previous bookmarks and other links, which still contain http://, do not have to worry, because these are automatically redirected to https://.

However, it would be nice if you changed your old links and bookmarks accordingly.

have a nice day,


PS: If we already talk about old links:
Many of you still use the ancient domain names,, and something else.
If you still have such links, please change these old links to the valid addresses as soon as possible.

The following domains are expected to be shut down end of 2018:  (N)
  •  (very old, but still in use :roll:)
  •  (very old, but still in use  :roll:)
The following domains / subdomains are now the only valid addresses of WebsiteBaker:  (Y)

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