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WB-2.10.0-RC1 published
« on: February 09, 2017, 01:53:28 AM »
Hello everybody,

we are pleased to announce today the version 2.10.0-RC1 of WebsiteBaker!

>> Please keep in mind: 2.10.0-RC1 is a release candidate only. Not a final, stable 2.10.0 !!
>> From now 2.10.0 is set to "feature freeze". This means that from now on we do no more changes to any functionalities.
>> Only programming and logical errors still will be corrected.

WB-2.10.0 is the successor version of 2.8.3. It is a complete package and contains everything that has been published in the context of the 2.8.3 Core since it was tagged in the year 2009.
So far we had a version '2.8.3' with a total of 7 !! service packs, an additional patch package and several mini fixes around.
During the whole duration of the version 2.8.3 many, sometimes very far-reaching changes were made. Another service package 8 was therefore by no means justifiable.
So after 8 years of version 2.8.x it is really time changing  to the next version number. Some years ago we tried to start a 2.9.x-dev which was died again after a very short time.
To prevent the latest version from being confused with these old version, it will now have the version number '2.10.0'. (We skip 2.9 as well as PHP was skipped the 6.x)
  • You can download WB-2.10.0-RC1 from our Wiki - Downloads.
  • For install and upgrade instructions please have a look into the file /DOCU/README.EN which is delivered with the downloaded paket.
The most important changes in and from the 2.10.0 core
  • supports PHP versions from 5.6 up to 7.1. Older versions of PHP are no longer supported!
  • Consistently supports the UTF-8 character set
  • A more stable upgrade script with significantly more and more detailed system checks.
  • A new logging system was implemented, which already documents many errors (not all yet) in a log file.
  • from now on the development of WB can be followed again by means of Redmine in our repository.
  • our Redmine ticket system ist already open again for registered users.
!! In addition last 3 weeks we was able to fix a list of security issues reported by the CERT of Japan.

In a follow up post you get additional and more detailed informations about all the main modifications in 2.10.0.
Another post will describe you the future development of WebsiteBaker.

Now we would like to ask you to test the current RC1 extensively and to report any faults that may be present so that we can publish a stable version as soon as possible.
For reporting use our Redmine Ticket System please.

Note: At Redmine we only acceppt registrations from forum users with exactely the same login and realname!! all others will be rejected without comment!!

We will wait now for 2 weeks and collect the results of your tests. In the case of success, we publish the 2.10.0 as a 'stable' version at a short distance.

We hope you have fun with…
the WebsiteBaker dev team
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