Author Topic: Can the Checkout/Cart phase be directed to its own page or anchor?  (Read 3534 times)

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I couldn't find this on a search, so I don't know if it has been asked before.

I know (or can I assume correctly?) that the shopping cart and checkout part of Bakery is floated on all pages where it is placed as a section, but is there a way to have it on its own page? The reason I ask is that, say for example Bakery is added as a section after a long WYSIWYG section (or multiple sections (WYSIWYG, Minislider, News, Bakery)) before it. I see a product, I add it to cart, and to see my cart I have to scroll all the way down the page to get to the bakery section that shows my shopping cart products. Can a page e.g. /checkout.php be created with just a bakery section used, and that is where the cart gets placed (either with a _blank or _parent link command from the referring page)? I know a problem may exist where if the shopper wants to continue shopping, they move away from the cart? Won't they will just select from the website's main menu where they want to go? Then when it's time to checkout > go to the checkout page OR click on View Cart -> /checkout.php with the bakery checkout.

Or, an alternative is to have an anchor e.g. #shoppingcart added to the code somehow, but I can't get my head how to work that with Bakery at the moment. Therefore the page will automatically scroll to the shopping cart (Bakery) section after adding a product/clicking on View Cart.

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