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Trying out the bakerslider module on a page, and I am having some problems:

1. Width values: I am testing the options in frontend.css to manage the width e.g. min-width: 90%; width: 100%, and so on, but my values have no change from the default when it is first installed. I can change the colour etc, so I know I am editing the right file in the right location. The width seems to constantly remain around 610px wide.

2. How can I change the  pause time in the slider to longer/shorter, or none at all? I have tried out options in include.php, but the only thing I can't seem to change is the removal of the pause value.
Line 39 is the current setting:
Code: [Select]
$output .= ' auto: 2000,'.$n;
$output .= ' speed: 2000,'.$n;

3. Image titles: none are displayed, yet the option is confirmed to do so. My slider shows only images, no text. Even if there was no image title, the instruction on Line 72 where there is no image title:
Code: [Select]
else {
echo '<p>example tagline here</p>'.$n;
does not display.

4. Changing the number of items displayed has no effect. Line 4:
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function bakeryslider($items = 0, $view_order = 2, $visible = 25) { is my new setting, changing $visible from 5 to 25, but the slider shows a maximum of 6 images before looping back to the same first image. ((I wonder if my width issue in point 1 above is related somehow.))

Thanks in advance,

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Re: bakeryslider: pause timing, product titles, width CSS, num of products
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maybe, the readme helps with a link to the doku ->

"auto" is the time between two slides, here 2 seconds = 2000 ms
"speed" is the time for one slide, here also 2 seconds = 2000ms

Code: [Select]
function bakeryslider($items = 0, $view_order = 2, $visible = 25) {
not sure, what happend in the actual version, i did not check a addon anymore, if somebody overtake them

$items are the sum of all items in this slider
$visible are the number of visible pics in the slider box

in my version  of this module/snippet, the code from the top show: nothing, because $items is empty

for example:
you have 10 visible items - means: bakery products
a slider with 10 Items, no max-width in css and! 25 visible pics, show in the slider the 10 pics and 15 free places
a slider with 10 Pics, but only 4 in $visible, show 4 visible pics, when you open the page and has the other 6 in a unvisible list (see in source code)