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I have tried to upgrade Website Baker from Version 2.8.3 SP1 (Revision 1638) to the latest Serviced Pack 6, to but I am getting the following message so cannot move forward:

"There was an uncatched exception: CAPTCHA-Settings not found in line (193) of (/framework/initialize.php)"

Please note that I have followed the instructions to the letter - I upgraded another install last week with no issue.

Could you please point me in the right direction so I can fix this issue?

Thank you very much.


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read the error message.... CAPTCHA-Settings not found

its not possible to say, WHY you have this problem without a look into your database backup. Feel free, to send me this backup for a check. (see Mailadress in the bottom)
P.S.: best method to fix it, is a manual repair of the database

to the problem: its not possible for wb to run without the captcha settings.
this captcha settings are stored in the database table mod_captcha_control and the error message comes, if the filie framework / initialize.php doesnt found this table

in the attachement a sql-backup from this table with all the needed settings. Download this file, unzip to a locale place and open the file mod_captcha_control.sql with a simple editor.
Now you need your table prefix. you can found it in the front of every table in your own database backup or in your config.php in the root of wb.
standard table_prefix is wb_, in my privat wb-installation, i use jacobi22_ as prefix

now you have to add this prefix to the table name in my posted file in the front of the red marked table names

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `mod_captcha_control` (
  `enabled_captcha` varchar(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1',
  `enabled_asp` varchar(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  `captcha_type` varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'calc_text',
  `asp_session_min_age` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '20',
  `asp_view_min_age` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '10',
  `asp_input_min_age` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '5',
  `ct_text` longtext NOT NULL

-- Daten für Tabelle `mod_captcha_control`

INSERT INTO `mod_captcha_control` (`enabled_captcha`, `enabled_asp`, `captcha_type`, `asp_session_min_age`, `asp_view_min_age`, `asp_input_min_age`, `ct_text`) VALUES
('1', '1', 'ttf_image', 20, 10, 5, '');

for example
INSERT INTO `wb_mod_captcha_control`

save this file and go into your database administration (maybe in phpmyadmin)
use here the import function or the SQL-Code-Function

now you can start wb. go into your wb-folder structure and check, that you have the folders
- include / captcha
- modules / captcha_control

if you dont have this folders, copy it from the WB-Package to your server
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Thank you very much for these detailed explanations, I will give a go.