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Show categories
« on: May 08, 2016, 03:04:52 PM »
Maybe this was already asked, but couldn't find the answer to this on the forum.
I'm new with bakery ...

I would like to show the grid of categories with image somewhere on the site, but the only way I could find on the forum was with the members module. Is there any other way to automaticaly show categories, maybe through some doplet or something. So when a new category is added it will automaticaly be shown there.

If the members is the only way how can I get only the link to (LinktoPage (page_id)) without the member text. If I put in the {MEMBERPAGE} it gives me the text also and I don't need that.

My html code is:
Code: [Select]

<div class='container-t1'>
          <div class='container-t1-margin'>
            <span style="width:210px; height:210px !important;object-fit:cover;"><img src="[PICTURE]" width="100" alt="[NAME]" /></span>
            <div class='facilities visible-on-hover'>
              <div class='bg-black-045'><>
<div class='image-links'><span class='link'><a href="[ONLY THE LINK]"></a> </span><>


Thank you