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New Website and WebsiteBaker Viability
« on: September 13, 2015, 02:01:34 AM »
Hey Guys,

Title says it all. I've got a small portfolio of websites that utilize the same style and format. I'm looking to expand on my audience engagement and would some some critiquing in regard to the format and authority or lack thereof of my website.

My website:

and why you don't ask for the WordPress community? Or you planning to migrate to WebsiteBaker? Or you simply like to advertise the amazon links here?
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Re: New Website and WebsiteBaker Viability
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2015, 05:19:43 PM »
Hey Viper,

My apologies, I can see how that looks a bit spammy. Please feel free to completely remove the website address. A friend referred  website baker to me a few weeks ago and I wanted to check it out and see if it was a viable option. I have very limited experience with website development, Wordpress, plugins, etc. I was looking for input from this community on whether or not WebsiteBaker is a good fit for niche sites such as the one I linked. I'm not looking to migrate that specific site to WebsiteBaker so much as I'm looking to create future websites outside of Wordpress.  Yes, my goal is to create websites that generate revenue, but the website I linked is basically a rough draft and I have no interest in promoting it in it's current state. I linked that site specifically because it represents the general format I'm looking to create. A landing page, product reviews page, blog / post page, etc.

With warmest regards,