Author Topic: Simple Machines Forum 1.1 gets no security releases any more  (Read 3763 times)

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Hello together,

just to mention: If anybody uses SMF 1.1 (like, there won't be any security fixes any more:

If you are running 1.1.19, you can update to 1.1.20 by using the smf_patch_1.1.20_2. patch file and installing it via the package manager as well.  If you are still using 1.1.x branch, please be aware this will be the last patch released for this version, so you are strongly urged to upgrade to 2.0.9, in order to be able to continue to receive security upgrades to your forum. Note that we will continue to provide support for 1.1 until 2.1 final is released.

2.1 is in beta since Nov 2014 and is expected 2015 to be released.