Author Topic: Solved: WB Forum "Join the WB team" Call to Action could be stronger  (Read 2238 times)

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When you arrive at the WB forum, there is a "NEWS BOX" at the top right which displays a message, strangely randomly in English or German - "Interested in joining the WebsiteBaker team?".  I would suggest making this message display in the visitors languages, if possible.

But more importantly, if you click the "For more Information read here" link, you are taken to this link:,12870.0.html
Which in my eyes seems like a pretty bleak and dated (2009) outlook on how development is going at WB.  With this recent ground swell of member involvement in progressing WB and developing modules, perhaps a new, refresshing thread could be created and linked to, so that a little brighter, active appearance could be projected on those who might be looking to get involved.

Just a thought.
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Re: WB Forum "Join the WB team" Call to Action could be stronger
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No, Not just a thought but a very good point! Thanks for noticing.

Because of your concern I just created a new link + text in the upper right corner.

When somebody can provide me with a German translation I will put that online too. Thnq. Got it. Thnx Jacobi!


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