Author Topic: Public RC-Test for WB-2.8.3-SP4  (Read 2415 times)

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Public RC-Test for WB-2.8.3-SP4
« on: May 12, 2015, 03:47:32 PM »
Invitation to the public RC test.

Here is a new Servicepack-4 for WB-2.8.3
This servicepack can be used in combination with any release of WB-2.8.3 (pure / SP1/ SP3)

Please test that SP4 and give us response in this thread: WB-2.8.3-SP4 Public release test.

We can publish the final SP4 after it's good tested only.

This SP4 includes all fixes and servicepacks since WB-2.8.3
  • New install forces utf8 database tables (new constant DB_CHARSET in config.php) and utf-8 default charset in admin/settings for output. (Don't change charset in a running system without detailed knowledge)
  • Add $oFCKeditor->Config['ProcessHTMLEntities'] in modules/fckeditor/include.php to set editor entities handling dynamically true or false
  • Database connect with utf8 if DB_CHARSET and DEFAULT_CHARSET has set the right utf-8 charset
  • All fixes in show_menu2
  • Fix droplet [[RANDOMIMAGE]]
  • Fix droplet [[Skype]]
  • Fix droplet [[ShowWysiwyg]]
  • Fix droplet [[SectionPicker]]
  • Fix account redirect by cancel button
  • Small capatcha fix iframe parameter
  • Fix output content with visibility private
  • Preventing multiple loading of JS files in the backend
  • Add save&back button to wysiwyg modify
  • Set News version to 3.5.7
  • PclZip patch for ubuntu 32Bit Server
  • Typofix output_filter, add missing backtick, index.php line 93
  • Fix output_filter and set module version to 0.5
  • Upgrade PhpMailer to version 5.2.7

WebsiteBaker 2.8.3-SP4 UPGRADE instructions
  • 1) Backup the webspace (for your own security)
  • 2) Backup the database (for your own security)
  • 3) Unzip SP4
  • 4) Upload all folders and files into your existing WB 283 installation
  • 5) Login to the backend as Superadmin
  • 6) Run upgrade-script.php in root folder
--- finish ----------------

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