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Thank you WebsiteBaker
« on: October 07, 2013, 11:24:33 PM »
About time; and since 2008, I want to personally thank : pcwacht, Argos, kweitzel, and other WB techs for helping me, a website developer (and mostly the local self-employed pc hardware repair tech) to understand and appreciate the hard work that every WebsiteBaker developer has ever made. I do have 3 WB installations. Not one has been hacked. Every single WB installation has never failed to deliver. OK, the add-ons, for a non-php guy like me could be more exciting, BUT, what a brilliant CMS regardless.

I guess that you guys do this in your spare time and this dedication is in itself, admirable.

Reading, I read that there have been, "fights" and outright discontent with decisions, but this is inevitable.

Think of it !

Over the years, just how big has WB grown by cohesion and teamwork. Let it continue. Don't take a rude remark by a contributor or forum member to mean anything other than well, just rude!  Everybody has bad days and some vent their argument in the written word.

For example, on another forum, I was described by their all-seeing boss as a, "Keyboard Warrior"  At my age, I think a, "Keyboard Worrier", description would suit me better!

Good luck WB and thanks to all, and most sincerely.