Author Topic: Website Issues "The system cannot find the file specified"  (Read 3018 times)

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Pretty sure this isn't a WebsiteBaker issue so putting it  in the Off Topic

Believe I am having an issue with my network provider and thought somebody may have seen the issue before. 
It is on a Windows IIS Server (Yes I know WebsiteBaker doesn't publish it is compatable, but it works great and Easiest / Best CMS I have found).  Members section needs to read a MS Access database or I would have switched long time ago.

Anyways...Has anybody had issues with Windows 7 and opening websites with Firefox/Chrome

Initial landing page works great
However when you click on a link I get
"The system cannot find the file specified. "

If using internet explorer it works fine on a Windows 7 computer.
On an IPAD or Windows XP it will open in any browser.