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Rethinking my translation, perhaps a better suited, less formal one could be:

'TXT_INVALID_FILENAM E'  => 'Opgegeven bestandsnaam of directory is ongeldig.',

I would prefer this one.

Have fun,


a first release candidate of the upcoming cwsoft-addon-file-editor v2.6.0-RC1 is available at GitHub.

Changes since v2.5.0-STABLE
 1. added option to unzip *.zip files (/code/config.php --> $unzip_archive_support)
 2. the help link now points to the README of the installed version (before always master branch)
 3. fixed bugs with tooltips and action-icons
 4. for further details see README

Due to the new function to unzip (*.zip) files, the language files needs to be adapted. I search for volunteers willing to translate the AFE text lines below into the languages: Dutch, French and Norwegian. If there is anybody willing to contribute, just copy the code below, translate it and post it in this thread - thanks.

--- Code: ---'TXT_UNZIP' => 'Unzip'
'TXT_ACTION_UNZIP_ARCHIVE' => 'Unzip archive file'
'TXT_FILE_TO_UNZIP' => 'File to unzip'
'TXT_TARGET_FOLDER' => 'Target folder'
'TXT_UNZIP_WARNING' => '<strong>Note: </strong>Unzipping an archive may overwrite possible existing files in the target folder and can not be revised.'
'TXT_UNZIP_SUCCESS' => 'Archive sucessfully unzipped.'
'TXT_UNZIP_ERROR' => 'Failed to to unzip given archive file. Please check that the archive is a valid ZIP-archive and the target folder has PHP write permission.'

--- End code ---

With the upcoming WebsiteBaker version 2.8.4, admin tools can have their own icon in the admin-tools backend. If there are any volunteers with time and talent out there willing to create a nice ICON (64x64 pixel) for AFE, I will include it with the next AFE version. As I do not earn any money with AFE, I can't offer more than listing you in the section Credits - sorry :-)



I am still searching for potential translators willing to translate 8 AFE text lines from German or English into the languages: Dutch (NL), French (FR) and Norwegian (NO). The release of AFE v2.6.0 STABLE is scheduled for beginning of September.

The text lines to translate can be found in the German, or the English AFE thread. Just post the translations in this thread. I will pick them up and add them to the stable release and add a acknowledgement of the translator to the README.

Thanks and regards

Here is my NL translation. If anyone has other ideas, that's fine for me ;-)

@Hans: Thanks for the Dutch translation, will add it with the next release.

It seems there is one line of translation missing. Would you mind to provide a translation for the following line too?

--- Code: ---'TXT_UNZIP_SUCCESS' => 'Archive sucessfully unzipped.',
--- End code ---

Best regards


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