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this post is to inform you about my trial to revive the support for the admin tool cwsoft-addon-file-editor (formerly known as Addon File Editor or in short AFE).

Background information:
I took over responsibility for my previous modules "Addon File Editor", "Anynews" and "Postits" in February 2012, after maintenance has stagnated for more than 2 years and "modified" versions with small adaptions for latest WebsiteBaker or jQuery versions, and/or backwards incompatible changes (e.g. Anynews versions with changed function parameters) were spread around via the forum by other community members.

As a consequence, I "forked" my own modules (starting from the last official released version) at GitHub to give them a new home with a public repository for better code and feature request tracking and easier possibilities for contributions (via GitHub fork/pull mechanism etc.), instead of the very user unfriendly way of searching the forum for "patches" and "latest versions". With the initial releases at GitHub, I increased the major module version number to the next higher integer number to make the "fork" and the new start of maintenance support "visible".

Since February 2012, I pushed more than 55 commits to GitHub and added 72k and removed 51k lines of code (including external plugins like Twig, file header changes etc.).

From February to September 2012 the following new features were included:
 - adapted to work with latest WebsiteBaker version (header, jQuery inclusion)
 - fixed broken backup function
 - updated external PEAR packages to work with latest PHP versions
 - updated module to work with changed Pixlr-API
 - introduced the more flexible template engine Twig (which is now part of WB 2.8.3 core)
 - updated all module templates to Twig
 - added new feature to unzip ZIP files (requested by BlackBird)
 - reworked README and screenshots

Name change: "Addon File Editor" --> "cwsoft-addon-file-editor"
In July 2012, I started to rename all my supported modules from "Module name" into "cwsoft-module-name". Since September 2012 all my modules stick to this naming convention.

The name change is finally a result of all the work I put into the "forked Addon File Editor module" since February 2012, plus some branding with my domain, plus the fact that "outdated" module versions (not supporting WB 2.8.x) are still listed at AMASP without having control of updating the content as my request for a new AMASP account was refused, while receiving funny PMs or E-mails at the same time asking me to update those outdated modules.

Beside the name change, I dropped support for outdated PHP and WebsiteBaker versions. Hence modules following the "cwsoft-module-name" naming convention do need PHP 5.2.2 or higher and WebsiteBaker 2.8.x (starting from 2.8.2) as minimum requirement. Apart that and the name change, nothing will change for you as a user or customer (beside the fact that you should uninstall a previous version so not to have two versions side by side). The modules are still published under the GNU GPL license and will be offered for free (as in free beer).

The sum of all that made me finally believe that a name change (including my branding cwsoft) is well justified. At the end it is the decision of the module author (which it's me) to choose an appropriate module name :wink:

Further information and downloads
 - Module README
 - WebsiteBaker download packages
 - View or report known issues

Feel free to contribute to the cwsoft-addon-file-editor module using GitHubs fork and pull mechanisms.



version 2.1.0 of the cwsoft-addon-file-editor is available at GitHub. This release is a bug fix release, addressing bugs  with WebsiteBaker versions 2.8.2 and 2.8.3. The version was tested under Windows and Linux (thanks to jacobi22 and ruebenwurzel).

Download from GitHub
README + GitHub Repository

Changes / Fixes:
 - AFE again creates installable ZIP-archives of Add-ons as under WB 2.7 (fix for WB 2.8.2+2.8.3)
 - change to get AFE working under WB 2.8.3 (WB 2.8.3 referer fix)



for the upcoming cwsoft-addonf-file-editor v2.3.0 (download links see last post), I do need help with the translation of one single text line for the languages French, Dutch and Norwegian. If you can help out here, please post the translation in this thread and I will include it with the v2.3.0 STABLE release at GitHub.

The text line to translate is as follows:

--- Code: ---'TXT_INVALID_FILENAME'  => 'The specified file or folder name is invalid.',

--- End code ---

In case you prefer German for the translation:

--- Code: ---'TXT_INVALID_FILENAME'      => 'Der angegebene Datei- oder Ordnername ist ungültig.',

--- End code ---

Apart from that, any feedback about AFE is welcome in this thread :wink:

Best regards

'TXT_INVALID_FILENAM E'  => 'The specified file or folder name is invalid.',

'TXT_INVALID_FILENAM E'  => 'Het gespecificeerde bestand of directory is ongeldig.',


@pcwacht: Thanks for the Dutch translation, that was quick :-)


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