Author Topic: new payement cash on delivery cod does not let chosse status payed ?????  (Read 1806 times)

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Hi freeSbee
I have adapted the advance payement to be used as a cash on delivery.
the biggest part of this job was mainly to translate some string from advance to cod

but i don't understand why the advance payement let in admin chose payed delivered or archived while the cod let only choose delivered or archived

these payement state should be independant of payement gateway ???

here is also the (de & nl not translated)

best regards

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Re: new payement cash on delivery cod does not let chosse status payed ?????
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Hi elarifr

Some time ago I have made a cash on delivery/rembours plugin for Bakery.

After installation and activation of the cash on delivery (cod) plugin for Bakery you can set a cash on delivery charge in the Bakery backend:
   "Payment Methods" > select "Cash on Delivery" > "Cash on Delivery Settings".

When a customer proceeds to the (3) Checkout where he has to select the payment methods, he will find the additional cod payment method. A yellow warning indicates cod charges: «Please note additional CoD charges in the amount of [eg] EUR 16.00 to be collected.»

The notification emails to the customers contain another note: «Please pay cash on delivery. Please note additional cod charges to be collected.»


The cash on delivery/rembours module has been a remittance work for a client, who had to bear just a part of the development costs. Therefor it is commercial and not for free.

For further information please send me a PM.

Regards Christoph