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Some new work that is in progress (waiting for the text)
« on: August 30, 2011, 04:59:28 PM »
I have been working on several new websites and would like to see some comments. Most of the work is in progress, and waiting for the text that has to be on the sites. Check them out and give your opinion! Thanks :)

Ondernemend Beringe (Dutch)
Communicty site, done for about 99%, waiting for text to be placed. In the Picture is a custom module with Snippet that takes only the first 180 chars of the text that can be placed and then adds ... to it. So the text will never flow out of the div keeping the layout just in place.

vv BEVO (Dutch)
Site for a local soccerclub, this one is pretty mutch in progress, a lot of content needs to be filled also on the home-page on the right side. The teams (Senioren--> BEVO 1 + BEVO 2) is done, and you can see some information about the team, upcoming matches and played matches. This is a custom module where the full program can be added so you can add a report of the match that every one can read.

Besides that there is a "Sponsor gallery", this is also a custom made module with pre defined groups. The admins can add new sponsors (images are auto resized to the perfect size). These "sponsors" are choosen randomly from the database with the group so no one can complain he should be on top while they are the same sponsor.

Also i edited the News module a bit to give it a better function in this website.

Bon Apart (Dutch)
A new website for a choir. They wanted to provide some more info about their "group". This one is going to be in multiple languages. It has a jquery header, event calendar (modified one) and further more info about the choir.
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