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A mostly accessible site
« on: February 14, 2011, 10:30:52 AM »
I had a look to some pages which are published within the showcases.
I am no more very young and accordingly I consider accessibility as a very important purpose.
I had to implement a web site which a lot of pictures for menus and so on. This is not really accessible so that I have tried to make this accessible for people with different disabilities and also for people which may use an only text based browser.
At this time skiplinks are not implemented, some WebKit based browser don't handle then as wanted. Skiplinks will be introduced if I find a way to make them working on bad browser.
The navigation via mouse and keyboard are both fully supported and link which receive the focus or the mouseover give a good optical feedback. All of this work via css.
For the IE 6 and 7 I had to use the microsoft css expression extention so that I don't need suplemental extra javascript file.
The site is multilingual, for the first time only the german part is online. The english pages will follows within a few days.
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