Author Topic: [Help needed] Working on a better show_menu2 docu  (Read 3280 times)


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[Help needed] Working on a better show_menu2 docu
« on: January 27, 2011, 10:07:50 PM »

we're working right now on a better, multilanguage Show-Menu2 help on, but it's in the end more work than we thought at the beginning.
Specially the examples are partly outdated and partly not exactly descriptive for everybody - on the other hand the new versions of show_menu2 have new functions, that aren't mentioned.
In the forums there are really many questions about show_menu2 (if not most questions turn on sm2), so a improved, latest, more understandable help would be quite reasonable.
So - if you're could spend some (not that much) time and / or you could bring in suggestions please let us know either directly here or write a PM.