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WebsiteBaker 2.9
« on: November 23, 2010, 01:51:26 PM »
Dear WebsiteBaker Community Members,

Currently the whole WebsiteBaker Core and Back-end is under redevelopment, as you have been able to follow on the project site.
Let us first of all thank everybody who helped reworking the project and test the changes. A special thanks goes out to the community members who actively participated by introducing new ideas and concepts.
Now some of you will ask themselves: Everything has always worked fine and still is, why change it?

Why does this have to be changed?
Easy … The project WebsiteBaker started in 2004. Since then a lot has changed since then. Programming techniques which where new back then are now matured and deemed best practice. Unfortunately also the negative elements have advanced themselves. Hacking attacks against Internet Sites are more refined and require more and more security mechanisms. It was about time, that WebsiteBaker started changing and maturing as well. This is the reason why we started reworking it. Our special focus was on the security side of things but without compromising in the usability.

Which will be the next Version?
When we started this redevelopment the first idea was to keep within the current numbering scheme, so we thought our next release will be 2.8.2. But since then there where so many major changes also within the database structure that we decided to make the next release a 2.9.0.

When will 2.9.0 be released?
Once the necessary test and adaptations have finished the current state will be uploaded the the subversion repository as 2.9.0 dev (Which is a development version),

Can this Version be used on productive systems?
Of cause it can be used in production environments, but at your own risk. We will have all the packages tested for stability, but since it is still an ongoing development there might be changes to core, back-end and interfaces at any time. But we do look forward to have this version thoroughly tested by you to have it as stable as possible once we go into the release candidate phase.

What about Modules, Snippets and Tools code? Will everything break now?
No, we are trying hard to achieve full compatibility so that all modules, snippets and tools can be migrated with no or few modifications at all. Unfortunately we don't expect to achieve 100% compatibility due to the large amount of structural changes, especially on the security side of the core. Experienced users will be able to implement the required first adaptations themselves. Within the installation package there will be a file containing information about known issues which also will be updated with possible solutions in the svn system as we receive the bug reports.

How will Module-authors receive Information and Help?
The first and most important information can be obtained from the previously mentioned information file in the package. We are however completely aware, that many questions will will arise for existing modules. The core development team is able and willing to help everybody, also personally, via the Forum, Private Messages in the forum or, in the case of more complex issues, in a personal VoIP session. NOBODY will be left alone with their issues. Since we are planning to make more and deep changes in the Core of WebsiteBaker we will create a collaboration platform specifically for the module-authors where there will be more and updated information. Details about this platform will be announced in due course. We deem it critical for the project, that the information regarding the planned changes reaches the module-authors as quick as possible, so that the modules can be adapted as soon as possible.

Where can I follow the development as End-user?
In the Forum there is a thread under general announcements called “Backend Themes Development Freeze”. In this thread the development steps will be posted in short form. This will enable the interested End-user or Backend-Theme Developer to judge when to start the development on new themes for the Backend.

Will WebsiteBaker stay as simple to use as it was?
WebsiteBaker shall enable the user to an easy, intuitive use to the user. This basic principle of WebsiteBaker's founder Ryan Djurovich is and will be the key principle for us. Even if it means more work for the core or module development this goal will drive WebsiteBaker also while we make the system more stable and more secure for the end-user.

Your Developement Team
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Re: WebsiteBaker 2.9
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Thanks for this very useful and informative post!
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