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Small mod for adding sub pages
« on: November 16, 2010, 03:19:42 PM »
So If you have wb 2.8 and huge site it's pain for adding 20 psc of sub pages under same page.

To make it easier I've added small link + session variable. Of course there is the green + sign on the right but this saves time even more.

Code: [Select]
//line 43


Code: [Select]
//line 570
if($_SESSION['lastaddparentpage'] >1) $latestaddhacktxt='(Same)';
// Insert language text and messages
//line 589 add 1 more line:
'LATESTADDHACK' => '<a href="#" onclick="add_child_page('.$_SESSION[lastaddparentpage].');return false;" title="Click to set to latest">'.$latestaddhacktxt.'</a>'

and templates\wb_theme\templates\pages.htt:

Code: [Select]
// find {TEXT_PARENT}: and convert the line to
  <td width="70">{TEXT_PARENT}: {LATESTADDHACK}</td>

Any suggestions are welcome