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Re: //Edit - Admin template 'Studio' for development/use
« Reply #25 on: December 21, 2010, 07:21:37 PM »
The responsibility for proper communications is yours primarily. Besides: as I wrote: it's not a problem to port a commercial template to a WB one for your own use, the problem may be to publish it as freeware to a community. As far as I know, the license you bought prohibits that. Or did you spend 1000 dollars for the extended license, only to give it to the WB community. I don't think so.

Please offer written consent of the original author that he agrees to use his template as a base for a WB template that will be published freely to unlimited users.

For the record, I did not accuse you of stealing. I only wrote that you copied at least significant parts of the template, which is prohibited by its license. Maybe you just didn't realize, maybe you have permission of the author, I don't know. Please inform us about that.
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Re: //Edit - Admin template 'Studio' for development/use
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Hi D72,

please don't take it personally, we had our experience in the past and just want to avoid any kind of legal trouble.