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The WebsiteBaker Forum and it's Terms & Conditions
« on: October 08, 2010, 08:28:26 AM »
Dear all,

since quite some years there have been rules which theoretically govern the Forum. But we all, leaders, moderators and users have been too lax in following those rules. That will have to change from now on. Therefore following measures will take effekt immediately:

What happens if you violate the Terms and Conditions
- First private Warning
- after repetition, Public Warning
- after repetition, short term write ban (7 days)
- after further repetition of violation(s), exclusion from Forum

So, that first of all let's everybody know what will happen ... but to what does this apply? First of all this applies to the currently existing Terms & Conditions, the ones most of you will have read and accepted when signing up to use this Forum.

But that will not be all, since we are aware of the fact that these rules are not up-to-date, especially not in terms of Linking WB Sites. So our next task in that area will be to rework the Terms and Conditions and then publicise them here. We will entrust this task to Argos (Jurgen) who is one of the current Forum Administrators. But it will not end there, because Jurgen will need to assemble a team which is willing to do the work of maintainig an orderly environment and the work of keeping the Forum clean, the spam out and everybody at bay.

With these measures in place, hopefully we all can start working together again.

best regards