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Mobile WSB
« on: September 09, 2010, 04:20:03 PM »
in this world of mobile browsing, i've done some mobile integration of website in WSB, but there is a problem

as you MAY know, their is this little phone called the iPhone, and is bigger cousin, the iPad.

I thought doing a mobile friendly theme for the admin, so my phone (windows mobile) and some clients phones (mostly androids) could update their site on the road.

but now i've stuck on the iDenyYouWhatYouWant ToDo devices that denies WYSIWYG from working (it's in the doc, they wanted it NOT to work!) because they want web apps, like cms, to have a F**KING apps!

so... doing a WSB Admin Apps, would it be a good idea or should we wait for apple to apply their palm to their collective face at ludicrous speed ?
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