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Solution #2 - The backwards compatible solution

Instead of removing the red text as described in the above message, replace it with $sql_showall. For example:

WHERE $sql_sectiononly

Then insert the following lines right above the line that says // Get total number of items

if (isset($_GET['showall'])) {
   $sql_sectiononly = '';
} else {
   $sql_sectiononly = "section_id = '$section_id' AND ";

As a result, the basic functionality of your pages will not change and the list will only include items in your page (or category if you prefer).

To list all items, just create a manual link that has the same address you would normally use but add a "?showall" to the end of the address. For example:

Limitation: If you view an item and then click the Back link, you will no longer see the full list.


With this idea it would also be possible to make à filter option, making it possible to filter on brand, price, etc....