Author Topic: Backend-Themes Development Freeze  (Read 6484 times)

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Backend-Themes Development Freeze
« on: April 15, 2010, 03:14:59 PM »
Please stop development of backend themes.

Right now we recode a big part of core-/backend-functions to fix dozens of bugs and securityholes.
From that also many changes for the templates will be necessary.

Already we syncronize 'wb_theme' to the changed code (not with optimized CSS yet). You can watch it on SVN.

As soon as the biggest changes are done, we will reopen the freeze.



class SecureFormfinishedglobal functions to handle security of forms i.e. FTAN and IDCODE
functions::create_access_file()finishedcompletely recoded / templates also
logfilefinishednew added
msgQueuefinishednew added

Backend Admin-Modules
/preferencesfinishedcompletely recoded / templates also
/settingsfinishedcompletely recoded / templates also
/mediafinishedcompletely recoded / templates also
/usersprogresscompletely recoded / templates also
/upgradefinishedfirst step completely recoded
/groupsfinishedcompletely recoded / templates also

Addons / Modules
newsfinishednew access-files, now independed from file-creationdate
upgrade, install recoded
dropletsprogressfunctions: install / upgrade / backup / restore recoding
show_menu2finishedadded Flags, new condition, new replacements. more info in module README.xx.php

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