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menu doesnt show up
« on: March 21, 2010, 12:17:59 AM »

I need help - got problems with a menu: in my info.php, I declared 3 menus: (lets say) $menu[1]="menuA", $menu[2]="menuB", $menu[3]="menuC".

Now I create some (root-level) pages and associate them to menuA. For these pages, I created sub-pages and associated them to menuB. I can display menuA now using "showmenu2(1)", but my menuB-associated pages dont show up when typing "showmenu2(2);".

As far as I understood: if I call menuA (showmenu(1), all pages I associated with menuA should be shown. If I call menuB, the same thing should happen?! Why doesnt showmenu2 list all the pages, where I chosen "menu: menuB"?

Thanks a lot for help - its urgent ;)

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Re: menu doesnt show up
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Have you resolved it yet? Did you look at your index.php fiile as well?