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New WebsiteBaker website released
« on: February 17, 2010, 02:05:29 PM »
Dear WebsiteBaker Community,

we finally released our new website: www.websitebaker2.o rg
The forum style is not adjusted, but it will in the future.

The hardcoded links above are leading to the English site - but perhaps you have noticed the three flags on the very right above. There you can change every site's language to English, Dutch and German.

We all worked hard the last months - I especially thank Vincent, who did the great design, erpe how provided the basic template and many translator and editor (instantflorian, Argos, Re-Mi, Vincent, sparkdigital, Luckyluke, Bennie_wijs). Also many people reviewed the template and the site and made suggestions for many little things, here especially thanks to Ruud, maverik, LordDarkman and aldus.

Just browse through the site and discover many new pages. And don't forget the footer and the startpage sites. ;-)

Yours Michael

Homepage Team
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