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Pages disappearing from admin backend
« on: February 06, 2010, 04:46:41 PM »
I have the same problem than Melissa (nov 2009)
But it is as I create a new site on my PC with a copy of a Web site in WB.

I copy the repertories and the database at the rignt place.
Change the name in the config for the database.
And see everything right in the frontend.

But as I don't have the admin password in the users table of the database , I copy mine as administrator from my wb site.

I can login see quite every modules of the backend.

BUT like melisa 'The site looks exactly the same, but in the backend, then I select "Pages", as it loads, it starts to list each page, and then all of a sudden it says "None Found".
But if I view source in my browser, all of the pages are there!!! In the HTML!!! But the WB backend is hiding them all. '

Someone has meet this problem and can help me?
All my thanks